"Notonecta." Vehicle for a Jurassic world

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"Notonecta." Vehicle for a Jurassic world

Message  lalo133 le Mer 8 Aoû - 18:33

... Rolling Eyes The Rover "Notonecta" is a ship impossible. But, it's my childhood dream come true. Because as a child, did my brother and I, a ship with a box and 40 years later, I imagined the ship built of different materials. (Custom models.)
Notonecta in the Spanish language, is a flying insect and amphibian going from pool to pool. And so is the idealized vehicle "Notonecta." A ship ... aerial and amphibious. But to see the vehicle "Notonecta" in action, is a video of an amazing adventure dioramas Jurassic. View a video Notonecta dioramas with Dinosaurs is the adventure.
The vehicle is built "from scratch." .. It is built: with a plastic box to put tools and some tupperware transparent pieces of other toys, wood, metal, screws ... acrylic resin ... paint.
This is the "Notonecta." ...:
To find the page where the video go ...:
- Enter my website.
- Scale 1/10.
- Website: CIENCIA FICCION. / Jurassic Park. / Photovideo.
--------------------------------------------------------------- Sincerely ... Jorge. Wink

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